Receive the most detailed digital and video reports of how the world sees you. Discover how your results compare with others and how to improve your personal and professional relationships.
Here's everything you'll get when you upgrade to your Fascination Advantage® Complete Profile:
  • The Fascination Advantage report

    The first personality profile to show you how the world sees YOU, rather than how you see the world.
  • Detailed descriptions of your distinct Advantages 

    Use the adjectives that describe your Archetype to describe yourself in a professional bio or LinkedIn summary.
  • Action steps and one-minute coaching for your Archetype

    Focus on the tasks in which you are naturally primed to succeed--the ones in which you use your top Advantages.
  • Custom videos explaining the qualities of your personal Fascination Advantages

    Add your Fascination Advantages to your resume to gain a competitive edge in your job search.
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee
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