Here's everything you get today with your Fascinate® Test and Report:
Receive the most detailed digital and video reports of how the world sees you. Discover how your results compare with others and how to improve your personal and professional relationships.
  • The Fascinate Test® the first assessment that reveals how the world sees you, rather than just how you view the world
  • Your Complete Personalized Printable Fascinate Report
  • A detailed analysis of how the world sees you as uniquely different, and how you can leverage your own highest value to captivate the attention of customers, prospects, employers and team members
  • Detailed descriptions of your distinct Advantages and how to use them to grow your business or boost your career
  • The precise words that you can use to describe yourself in introductions, your professional bio or LinkedIn summary
  • Customized one-minute coaching and action steps that will help you specifically stand out in a crowded market
  • Identification of the precise tasks for which you are naturally primed to succeed, as well as those that you are wise to delegate or outsource
  • Custom videos explaining how to use your Fascination Advantage to begin building an effective personal brand
  • Your custom Instant Impression tool to use to gain a competitive edge in your career
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